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Sand for cat toilet "AK Cat Baby Powder"

Sand for cat toilet "AK Cat Baby Powder"
Sand for cat toilet "AK Cat Baby Powder"
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✔ 320% absorption.

✔ With baby powder scent.

✔ Prevents the formation of bacteria and odors.

✔ Economical and easy to maintain.

✔ Made in Turkey.

"AK Cat Baby Powder" natural white cementing bed litter.

AK Cat Litter provides immediate absorption of moisture and odors. An additional bonus is that the bedding, in contact with the liquid, emits a pleasant smell of baby powder.

Litter helps prevent the formation of bacteria and unwanted odors. Tight and fast litter sticking reduces the possibility of carrying faeces outside the cat's toilet.

Cat litter is non-toxic and non-allergenic, as it is made of 100% naturally occurring concrete.

10 kg of AK Cat Litter for cats is approximately equivalent to 30 kg of ordinary sand. It is only necessary to remove the sintered pieces. Disposable together with other household waste, must not be disposed of in the toilet.

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