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Happy Dog VET Diät Hypersensitivity

Happy Dog VET Diät Hypersensitivity
Happy Dog VET Diät Hypersensitivity
Happy Dog VET Diät Hypersensitivity
Happy Dog VET Diät Hypersensitivity
Happy Dog VET Diät Hypersensitivity
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Dry food for food intolerances.

Gluten-free recipe.

With quail and sweet chestnut. 

1 animal protein, 1 carbohydrate source.

Happy Dog VET Diet Hypersensitivity is used in cases of food allergy or intolerance. The main features of thisdietary food are the single, exclusive animal protein source, quail, and the unusual carbohydrate source, sweet chestnut. The highly-digestible recipe is extremely palatable and is suitable as an elimination diet.

Additional information:

Before starting feeding we recommend that you seek the advice of a veterinarian. Water should be available at all times.  

Recommended length of diet:

3-8 weeks, then can be given without restriction after a decrease in intolerance.

Sweet chestnut meal (60%), quail protein* (30%), sunflower oil, hydrolised liver (<10,000 D), rapeseed oil, sea salt, calcium carbonate; *) dried.
Ingredients / kg:
Crude protein 23.0%, crude fat 16.0%, crude fibre 3.0%, crude ash 5.5%, calcium 1.0%, sodium 0.6%, potassium 0.75%, magnesium 0.1%, phosphorus 0.7%, chloride 1.1%, sulphur 0.45%, Omega-6 fatty acids 3.0%, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.6%.

Vitamins/kg: vitamin A (3a672a) 12000 I.E., vitamin D3 (E671) 1000 I.E., vitamin E (all rac-alpha-tocopherylacetat 3a700) 75 mg, vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate 3a821) 4 mg, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 6 mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride 3a831) 4 mg, D(+) biotin (3a880) 575 mcg, calcium-d pantothenate (3a841) 10 mg, niacin (3a314) 40 mg, vitamin B12 70 mcg, L-carnitine (3a910) 500 mg, Antioxidant; tocopherol-rich extracts from plant oils1b306(i).

Trace elements/kg: iron (E1; iron (II) sulphate; monohydrate) 135 mg, copper (E4; copper (II) sulphate; pentahydrate) 13 mg, zinc (zinc oxide 3b603) 105 mg, manganese (E5; manganese (II) oxide) 15 mg, iodine (calcium iodate; anhydrous 3b202) 1.5 mg, selenium (E8; sodium selenite) 0.15 mg, Amino acids/kg: DL-methionine (3c301) 5000 mg.

Feeding Table

Ideal weight

Normal requirement (g/24h)

2 kg

47 g

3,5 kg

71 g

5 kg

93 g

7,5 kg

126 g

10 kg

157 g

15 kg

213 g

20 kg

263 g

25 kg

311 g

30 kg

357 g

35 kg

400 g

40 kg

442 g

45 kg

483 g

50 kg

523 g

60 kg

599 g

70 kg

673 g

80 kg

743 g

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