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Biogance White Snow Cat - shampoo for white cats

Biogance White Snow Cat - shampoo for white cats
Biogance White Snow Cat - shampoo for white cats
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✔ Shampoo for cats with white or light colored fur.

✔ Safe for kittens.

✔ Improves and restores the natural shade of the coat.

✔ Made in France

Biogance White Snow Cat is a natural dye ionizing shampoo enriched with black elderberry plant extract to ensure gentle cleaning of the coat, its improvement and restoration of the natural shade. The ph-balanced formula is specially designed for white and light coats.

Result: the fur remains soft and shiny. The upper layers of the epidermis are moisturized.

Suitable for kittens and cats with snow-white or light-colored fur.

Directions for use: apply to wet animal fur and massage gently, then rinse thoroughly. Reapply and allow the shampoo to work for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Shampoo can be used in concentrated or diluted form (3 to 1 ratio). Avoid getting the shampoo in your eyes. If this happens, rinse the animal's eyes thoroughly with clean water. Keep out of reach of children. For animals only and for external use only.

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