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Biogance PLOUF Apres-Shampoo - conditioner for dogs/cats

Biogance PLOUF Apres-Shampoo - conditioner for dogs/cats
Biogance PLOUF Apres-Shampoo - conditioner for dogs/cats
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✔ Conditioner for dogs / cats of all ages.

✔ Made from raspberry extract.

✔ Deeply nourishes the coat, makes combing easier.

✔ Made in France.

Biogance PLOUF Apres-Shampoo

Deep nourishing conditioner for dogs / cats of all ages.

Bio-conditioner with raspberry extract deeply nourishes the coat, facilitates combing and prevents the formation of hairballs.

Restores shine to the coat and makes styling easier.

Plouf conditioner is a gel that can be easily applied to your pet's coat.

Directions for use: apply to wet animal fur and massage gently, then rinse thoroughly. Reapply and allow the shampoo to work for at least 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Avoid getting the shampoo in your eyes.

Biogance uses only environmentally friendly ingredients, high-quality raw materials, natural oils and plant extracts in the production of professional, hypoallergenic pet care products made in France. It does not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, animal fats or artificial colors. All Biogance products are produced in France, in a laboratory specializing in organic and natural fragrances and animal care products. The high quality of the Biogance laboratory production was awarded the ECOSERT organic agriculture certificate, which confirms that the certification object meets international organic production standards.

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