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Sprenger collar for dogs / two-lane (50981 02)

Sprenger collar for dogs / two-lane (50981 02)
Sprenger collar for dogs / two-lane (50981 02)
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✔ Neck chain for dogs / dual lane (stainless steel).

✔ Intended for dogs with short or medium length hair.

✔ Wire thickness - 2.5 mm.

✔ Made in Germany.

Sprenger neck chain for dogs - dual lane

Made in Germany. With precision German engineering, reliability and quality. Sprenger, the world's leading manufacturer of the highest quality training equipment.

The double band neck chain is ideal for short and medium length dogs.

How to determine the appropriate length of necklace?

2 simple steps:

- Measure the neck circumference;

- Choose the length of the neck chain according to the neck circumference;

- Our measurements always indicate the total length of the chain or collar.

To determine the optimal length, please place the measuring tape so that it is against the thickest part of the neck and is easy to move. Please add 1-2 cm to the measured neck circumference to make the collar fit perfectly. Then choose the right length based on your neck circumference.

Our advice:

If you don't have a tape measure handy, use a string that you can then measure with the fold line.

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