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Happy Dog Profi Line - Basic 23/9,5
up to -10%
Brand: Happy Dog
Profi-Line Basic cares to deliver your dog an adequate amount of proteins and fat, necessary for proper functioning of the body in period of decreased physical activity. For example during training brake or out of breeding periods. Correctly balanced amount of nutrients won't allow you to overfeed y..
from 52.99€
Ex Tax:44.65€
Happy Dog Profi Line - Gold Relax 23/10
up to -10%
Brand: Happy Dog
Complete nutrition for adult dogs with normal energy requirements.Profi Gold Relax 23/10 is designed with maintenance in mind. It is very tasty, with a recipe containing multiple sources of protein to ensure maximum digestibility. 23/10 fat / protein guarantee your dog everything he needs for a heal..
from 70.90€
Ex Tax:62.45€
Happy Dog Profi Line - Multi Mix Balance 23/10
up to -10%
Brand: Happy Dog
Profi Line Multi-Mix Balance is a colourful and crispy, complete food for adult dogs of all breed with normal energy demand. It contains beef, high content of vegetables and 5 different grains. Food positively influences on digestion and the digestive system thanks to addition of extract from fermen..
from 59.90€
Ex Tax:52.75€
Happy Dog Profi Line - Sportive 26/16
up to -10%
Brand: Happy Dog
Profi Line Sportive is a basic, ideally balanced food for dogs with moderate physical activity. It will greatly suit also sport and working dogs in period with decreased physical overload.Reduced composition allows to avoid unnecessary overload of liver and kidneys with excessed amount of ingredient..
from 58.25€
Ex Tax:50.75€
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