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Complete dry food for adult dogs with beef. Suitable for dogs with food intolerance or allergies.

MAC's Dog Mono Rind
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Brand: Mac's
Complete dry food for dogs MAC's Dog Mono Rind with beefMAC's Dog Mono Rind with Sweet Potatoes is a complete food for adult dogs, especially suitable for nutritionally sensitive four-legged friends. It consists mainly of beef, which serves as the only source of animal protein. Vegetable ingredients..
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Complete dry food for all breeds of adult dogs with lamb. Without cereals.

Tundra Dog Lamm
up to -15%
Brand: Tundra
Complete dry food for dogs Tundra with lamb.The wolf is a hunter and our product Tundra is a great game. Is there anything left in your pet from the wolf? The Tundra as a region is located in the far north near the Arctic Circle, in the vicinity of the Boreal Forest, where wolves have lived in the w..
from 79.60€
Ex Tax:79.60€
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