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Brand: Vadigran Model: Ķemme suņiem
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Brand: Sprenger Model: Suņu Ķemme
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Brand: Vadigran Model: Šķēres nagiem
Always turn the nail horizontally to the ground to prevent injury and bleeding at the base of the nail. Be careful when cutting dark nails. Scissors are for animals only.Clean the scissors regularly with an antiseptic, then allow them to dry...
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Brand: Biogance Model: Higiēnas līdzekļi
Repellent cat shampoo has been enriched with essential oils for a double preventive and protective action. This natural and pH balanced shampoo gently cleanses the coat while repeals fleas, ticks and other external parasites.  Result : Effective and naturalprotection. Suitable for kittens  ..
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Brand: Biogance Model: Higiēnas līdzekļi
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